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Appdapted for Core: Dr. Panda’s Supermarket


Appdapted for Core: Dr. Panda’s Supermarket ($1.99) is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows. It provides 10 mini games around the supermarket, which includes things like ringing up the customer to throwing out the trash. It provides plenty of opportunity to work on core vocabulary from the one word level and beyond. This isn’t the greatest… Read More

Appdapted for Core: Dirty Kids


Welcome to Appdated for Core, which will be a monthly series linked through the Minspeak®  newsletter. This series will discuss how to use apps to support core vocabulary instruction. It’s also important to note that even though this series will be written with Minspeak® in mind that this vocabulary is universal and can and should be incorporated with… Read More

I’ll have a Sausage and People Pizza: The Controversy over Auditory Processing Disorder

This post is hopefully the start of an open dialog among colleagues about Auditory Processing Disorders.  I have had this post in draft mode for some time and it’s almost the start of a larger post but due to the recent discussion on twitter about Auditory Processing Disorders I thought I would post this. ( I am by no… Read More