Image Spinner = Fun

Here is a real simple app released today called Image Spinner. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad for .99 cents.  It’s simplicity is what gives this app a lot of potential. You can virtually use this with what ever skill you are targeting:  articulation, receptive/expressive language, pragmatics etc…

You are able to to choose from 3 to up to 10 pictures to place on your spinner.

Here is an example of a /r/  cluster  spinner board.  You tap the screen and the spinner randomly lands on a picture.

Here is another example of a spinner.  We were working on opposites (The pictures on the spinner also are puzzle pieces). My client would spin the spinner land on a picture, find the matching puzzle piece and then find its opposite. It  was very motivating!

As I play around with this app I envision adding pictures such as emotions, verbs, or even sight words.

So there you go, a cheap simple app that has lots of potential!  With a little help from a creative therapist of course!!  Have fun :)

Image Spinner iTunes Link  <—


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4 thoughts on “Image Spinner = Fun

  1. Just downloaded this app, thanks for the info! I’m a speech pathologist in Australia and am just starting to use my ipad in therapy. It’s such a fantastic tool.

      1. It doesn’t come with photos. If you have an iPad1 you need to email them to yourself if you have an iPad2 you just take the picture with the camera. A recent update added the ability to add audio to each picture

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