Move Your Body! There are Crows Coming

Crows Coming by VisionHacker

Do you have clients or students that simply can’t access the iPad due to limited  limb mobility but have good head control? Crows Coming created by Vision Hackers is using some cool camera technology that offers a fun experience without having to use the touch interface.

VisionHacker is a team of computer vision researchers and top programmers that have come together to create brand new MoveYourBody (MYB) games. They use the coolest and latest computer vision technology and mobile sensors to define a new and exciting genre of mobile games.

MYB stands for Move-Your-Body. Sick of playing games with only a touch interface or have users that simply can’t access the iPad due to the touch interface? In MYB games you can use your head, hands, and legs to access the game.

The premise behind Crows Coming is that you are a scarecrow attempting to ward off an onslaught of crows coming to eat the crops in your field.  By moving your head left and right to control the scarecrow you must “block” them from getting to the crops.  The more you block the more points you’ll score.


Title Screen
Calibration Screen
Game in action

If you are going to use this app with someone who has limited mobility you will most likely need a good adjustable stand or will have to hold the iPad for them.  It takes some adjusting the iPad up or down in order to achieve the best setup.  Once you do set it up, the tracking software appears to do a very good job being able to track head movements and is fairly sensitive.

The best thing is that this is a FREE App so go get it and have fun!

iTunes Crows Coming 




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4 thoughts on “Move Your Body! There are Crows Coming

  1. Another great find! Thanks for sharing. Used it today with a very wiggly kiddo who needs a movement break every so often!


    1. I really want to know if you get a crow to come hhietr. We put out peanuts for the blue jays, a few at time, or else the squirrels get them all.Great shots, you can see the blue jay trying to size up the ones he must leave behind.

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