Emotions Emotions Everywhere! Part 1

If you are a parent or professional that interacts with someone with Autism on a daily basis I am sure you are very well aware of the fact that most children with Autism are almost completely oblivious to the great variety of emotions that people have. Most of my clients can identify the basic ‘happy’Read More

Social Networking for SLPs

Social Networking for SLPs If wasn’t for the advent of twitter the odds of you reading this right now would be very very slim. Since joining Twitter last year around this time and networking with fellow speech-language pathologists I have been on an amazing social networking journey involving Facebook, twitter, ASHA’s online community, and Pinterest.Read More

Become DJ SLP

Falling Stars by Trident Vitality Here is an app that my mom, a COTA, recommended that I check out. I checked  it out and I have been playing around with it most of the weekend. It’s quite addictive and creates very catchy beats and of course the best part is that it is free.  ItRead More