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#ASHA12 T-shirt Designs! Vote for your favorite

Here are some t-shirt ideas for the upcoming ASHA convention-#asha12. I wore a #slpeeps t-shirt, similar to Design A, to last year’s convention. This is a result of a recent twitter conversation with various #slpeeps, so I decided to throw a few designs together using so we can take a vote on what designs we like the best. I went with long sleeve for the first couple designs because I figured we would be in Atlanta in November and chances are it will be pretty cold.

Design A ( I wore a black short sleeve version of this last year)

Design B

Design C



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5 Responses

  1. Bhushan says

    What has George Osbornes voice got to do with anything? This ralley is the politics of the playground.All three parties are singing from the same free market songbook and the piffle announced today will do nothing to change the fundamental insanity that is the free market ideology of Brown, Cameron and the rest. The poor are thrown a few scraps and told to buy more crap to keep the capitalist system running and make them believe the political elites are on their side.

  2. Skye says

    #slpeep since 2008, or 2007, I forget…I’m old lol

    • Rameshan says

      She’s a cute girl. The Obama speech was iniprsing, whether you’re repulican or democrat, etc; the message he gave is the message we’ve all needed to hear and ask ourselves, what will be our contribution? Well Sarah, I hope you do well in school and adhere to his message, no peer pressure, stay out of trouble, let your failures teach you, and never quit trying to succeed.I wish I heard that kind of speech before I graduated in 08, but I can still be inspired going to the military. Thx Sarah.

    • Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP says

      That’s a good idea too Skye…Although technically you could only be a SLPeep since 2010 when the term was coined :) LOL. Before that you were just all atwitter.

  3. atklingensmith says

    I went with “D” but “C” was a close 2nd! They look great–thanks for putting this together.