Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards

Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards by Super Duper Publications Descripto Dinos, available for $54.99 by Super Duper Publications, is a fun and engaging game that will have the children you work adding those pesky attributes to nouns in no time.  Want to play? Well its easy to start! Have the child select their favorite colored  game board andRead More

Tense Builder

Tense Builder TenseBuilder, by Mobile Education Store, is the newest app in their lineup. It focuses on verb tenses: the past, present, and the future. You select the tense you want to work on and watch a video of the verb in action. Still shots of the video are then presented and you have toRead More

Appdapted: Pinterest

You wouldn’t really call me a captain of Pindustry, or one of the Pindustrialists of the Pindustrial Revolution, and I wouldn’t be considered  a source of Pinspiration. I would like to think of my self as a unique Pindivudal.  Okay I’ll stop I’ll stop I promise, hmm   maybe just one more?  I am not aRead More