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Tense Builder

Tense Builder

TenseBuilder, by Mobile Education Store, is the newest app in their lineup. It focuses on verb tenses: the past, present, and the future. You select the tense you want to work on and watch a video of the verb in action. Still shots of the video are then presented and you have to select what happened, what is happening, or what will happen based on the verb. There are 36 verbs in the app (that will soon expand to 60 by December 2012) and you have the ability to choose which tense you would like to work on as well as regular and irregular verbs. This app uses high quality animations and you have the opportunity to record the sentences and add it to the user profile to track progress as well as to work on expressive language skills.

Update:  The app has been updated as of  September 17, 2012 and you now have the ability to select which verbs you want to target for your session!

There are two main levels to this app:

Level 1: You watch the videos and then select the picture of the specific tense it is asking for.

Level 2: You watch the video and then have to select the correct word or phrase and drag into a sentence to complete it. The words you select ‘speak’ as you touch them, so you can hear them as you drag them into the sentence.

Update:  The app has been updated as of  September 17, 2012 and you now have the ability to select which verbs you want to target for your session!

Make a comment about how you would use this app in your therapy sessions for a chance to win a copy of the app!


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38 Responses

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  5. Review of TenseBuilder Language App - Mobile Education Store says

    […] is another review of our TenseBuilder tense app by Jeremy Legaspi.  Jeremy is a SLP in Arizona and he writes reviews of only the […]

  6. Frank says

    I would use this to work on many areas including language development, grammar, sentence formation, articulation.

  7. Arlen S. says

    I have at least a dozen students who struggle with verb tense, especially irregular verbs! I would use it in individual sessions and also small groups. It looks very engaging, and since these students already ask to play other Mobile Education Apps, they will probably love this one too!

  8. Laura H. says

    I work in a school with children with special needs. I have a classroom of students using augmentative communication and are working on using appropriate tense with their devices. They are so motivated by the iPad and this would be a great app to use with them!

  9. emcleodslp says

    The combination of illustrations, interactivity and text looks wonderful as a tool to help children on my caseload who struggle with verb tense, particularly those with Language Learning Disorder. Of course, us SLPs are great at discovering many uses for one thing: adjectives/descriptions, articulation, inferencing/prediction and syntax are a few other uses that come to mind.

  10. Jenni L. says

    I have so many grammar students! I would love to have this app to use with them.

  11. Review of TenseBuilder Language App | Mobile Education Store says

    […] is another review of our TenseBuilder tense app by Jeremy Legaspi.  Jeremy is a SLP in Arizona and he writes reviews of only the […]

  12. Fides says

    I would use it to work on sentence formation, articulation, expressive language, and vocabulary. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Gina M says

    I would use this app on my iPad for a variety of tasks. It of course could be used for working on grammar tasks, sequencing, carryover for articulation sounds , inferencing and some prediction.

    • Isaak says

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  14. Pam Palmer says

    I would use this on my IPAD with my elementary aged students (regular educ. and autism students). Very useful to work on grammar, sentence structure, articulation, etc. Thanks!

  15. Connie says

    I would love this to use every day with the students on my caseload. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Kimberly Hurley says

    I can see myself using this app for both small group and individual therapy sessions. My HI students can see and really ‘get’ tense this way, while my students with autism will likely better understand tense through repeated opportunities to watch the videos. What a great idea for an app!

  17. Carrie W says

    I would use this app with my children with hearing impairments!

  18. Carol says

    I’d use this with school-aged caseload with goals to increase MLU, pronouns, articles, attributes, and various verb tenses.

  19. Sean Iddings says

    This sounds like another great app from this developer! I especially like that it has some irregular verbs. I have several kindergarten students on my caseload this year that this sounds perfect for. With kindergarten students I would use it to improve oral grammar skills, particularly past tense verbs.

  20. Megan Hojnacki says

    This is something I’ve been looking for. I would use it with my students not only for oral language (having them tell a sentence with the verb) but also for written language (write a sentence with the verb).

    • azspeechguy says

      Megan you have won the copy of Tense Builder! Congrats! You will receive an email from me with the code for the app. Thanks again for the comment!

  21. Sharon Swindell says

    I am in a public school serving K-5 students. I could see this app as being especially beneficial to those working on sentence formation/grammar. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Cassandra says

    I would use it in therapy with my clients working on language (increasing MLU, sentence formation, use of verbs).

  23. Jena Casbon says

    This looks like a great app! It’s nice to have the animation as well.

    I recently started a new position as a clinical supervisor at Emerson College. I can see this app having utility for both pediatric and adult clients and would love to use it with my graduate students!

  24. Leah says

    I would definitely use this with my K-5 caseload especially the ones that need to work on sentence formulation/grammar. They love using the iPad!

  25. Joan says

    What a nice way to reinforce that tenses change over time. The videos look pretty enticing and I like the feature that explains/corrects errors. Thanks for reviewing and for the chance to win!

  26. Shannon says

    I’ve got a few students in mind that would love a program like this. They are very in to technology so it would be highly motivating to them. Having one in particular practice sentence formation would be so helpful as his verb tenses are not his only problem when it comes to syntax!

  27. Jennifer Lesher says

    I am the only ST in a small, private school of students with Autism, Emotional Disturbance, and Other differences (IDD, CP, ADHD, ODD, and so on). It’s K-12, but most of the students are high school and middle school age, but not communicating at that level. I would love an app for verb tenses, because iPad is very motivating for older students…unlike my workbook pages. The school has no budget to buy me anything. I just started there; the speech supply shelf is nearly empty, and that is no exaggeration.

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  28. M. says

    I see this as being able to target making sentences and learning verb tenses especially with the ELL population.

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  29. Enid Feinberg says

    I would use this app with both my elementary and 6th grade caseload for verbal and written expression. So many of my children need help with sentence formulation and grammar.

  30. Lynn Just says

    This has given me a new way to think about discussing tense! How would I use the program? Nothing fancy or extraordinarily unique – I would use it as a competition or as an individual activity. I just think it would be a great addition to working with a skill that is sometimes hard for the kids to understand! The pictures and the fact that the pictures go with the choices as in level 2 is great!


    Lynn Just

  31. sarahtheSLP says

    I would use it with the school-age clients I see! I have one client in particular who would SO benefit from this app!

  32. abby says

    I’d use this app on my iPhone (no iPad yet!) with all of my combined, K-5 speech-language groups to target: final consonants, speech sounds, MLU, pronouns, articles, attributes, and, of course, verb tenses. Cool stuff, man. Thanks! -Abby

  33. Louise says

    I would use this daily with my school age caseload. I am always on the lookout for verb tense acitivites.