Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards

Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards by Super Duper Publications

Descripto Dinos, available for $54.99 by Super Duper Publications, is a fun and engaging game that will have the children you work adding those pesky attributes to nouns in no time.  Want to play? Well its easy to start! Have the child select their favorite colored  game board and game chips. Each game board has a different dinosaur on it. You roll the foam dice, which Super Duper includes with virtually every product right? I mean they must have a whole warehouse dedicated to these dice. The number you roll determines how many attributes the  child has to say in order to earn the ‘square’ . For example if they roll a two and just say “It’s yellow” and point to the mustard you would prompt them to ” Tell me more.”  You would want them to expand it to “It’s yellow and you put it on hot dogs” etc.. There are multiple items on each board that are similar in category, shape, color, functions etc.. to help the child add more attributes to their description. There are a variety of ways to play but the main goal is whoever puts all their chips on the board first wins!

You said it’s yellow? Do you mean the couch or the mustard?
Example game board, dice, and chips.

The game includes the following :

  • 14 colorful, laminated games (7 boards printed front and back).
  •  A total of 1,036 picture-words across the 7 game boards
  • 90 game chips in red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and blue!
  • Foam die
  • Instruction book

The instruction book is handy because it lists all the words on every game board. The  list can be used to adapt the game to work on things like articulation. You can do this by finding the game board with most of the particular sound you want to work on.

The game can also be adapted for things like expressive language by having the child build sentences using the word or by simply expanding vocabulary. With receptive language you can work on things like following directions using different colored chips, concepts like next to and under, or by finding objects by function or category.

Check out the example video from Super Duper:


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3 thoughts on “Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards

  1. This is a great resource. I like that you can also vary things quite a bit- DD is great for “I Spy” or also for developing the ability to have kids read eye gaze- “What item am I looking at?”

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