Auditory Figure Ground: Review and Giveaway

Auditory Figure Ground

Do you need an app that will help you determine if your child or client is experiencing a breakdown in their auditory processing of speech when there is background noise or help you  improve auditory processing skills in the presence of background noise?  Auditory Figure Ground-$29.99, by The Speech-EZ Apraxia Program, will help you accomplish this!

This app uses beautiful photographs that are presented to the listener in a field of four. It’s recommended that a good set headphones be used to accurately simulate the speech in the presence of background noise (Over the ear headphones and not ear-buds). You start off by selecting the type of background noise and the signal to noise ratio you want, while the words are presented.

Background Noise

You have the option of: childrens indoor playground, elementary school children in lobby, noisy crowd walking and talking, small cafe ambience, white noise, and quiet (no background noise).

Signal to Noise ratio

You have the option of: SNR 12 dB (Easiest), SNR 8 dB, SNR 4 dB, SNR 0 DB, and SNR -4 dB (Hardest)

The narrator will say the target word and the child has to tap on the one that they hear. This activities builds auditory processing and auditory attention skills when there is noise in the background. This skill is important in situations such as a noisy classroom.

Each picture also has the written word on the back of it. Simply hit the little arrow icon that indicates turning the card over. You are able to turn all the cards over if you wanted and hit the narration button as many times as you want. You also have the option to mute the background noise as well.

To win a copy of Auditory Figure Ground I am using a Rafflecopter giveaway.

I haven’t used Rafflecopter before so please let me know if you encounter any difficulty.  There are a few ways to earn points for the giveaway and they   are pretty simple- Click on the above RaffleCopter Link to enter- you will then be asked to:

1) Make  a comment on the blog

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17 thoughts on “Auditory Figure Ground: Review and Giveaway

  1. Would love to gift this app to our private SLP :) Thenshe could use it in therapy with my son and so many others. I follow you on twitter and like Speech EZ’s Facebook page. Thanks J and L for this great giveaway for this amazing app!!!

  2. I thought I had made a comment but I guess I didn’t! I have several kiddos that could use this app… it would also help with my Collaborative Inquiry Team project on auditory processing disorder!

    1. How video games are good for young minds. Talk about how they can have problems to olve and stuff. I did this speceh to a class once, and everyone loved it.

  3. I have been wondering if my son has an auditory processing issue. I have been considering getting him evaluated but since we homeschool, we don’t have the guidance/support of the school district and figuring it all out has been daunting. It would be so nice to have some data from this app and then go in and show them what sort of further testing he might need…

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