Appdapted for Core: Dirty Kids

dirty kids

Welcome to Appdated for Core, which will be a monthly series linked through the Minspeak®  newsletter. This series will discuss how to use apps to support core vocabulary instruction. It’s also important to note that even though this series will be written with Minspeak® in mind that this vocabulary is universal and can and should be incorporated with children who are typically developing to children who are using any number of agumentative or alternative forms of communication.

Appdapted for Core:  Dirty Kids by MagisterApp is available for both the iPhone and iPad for $1.99. This app has a really fun premise!! You create your character (boy or girl) get them dressed and then head to he park. At the park you get dirty by throwing  things like eggs, dirt, cake, paint etc.. at your character until he or she thinks its time to take a bath. You then head back to the house to take a bath, wash the clothes, dry them, and iron them. You also want to keep mom happy along the way. There are lots opportunities here to target language using words and phrases such  as: go, get, put, on, in, feel happy, feel mad, make dirty, make clean plus many more.

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 Get Dressed!

When playing with the app the first thing you need to do is get your character dressed.  You can target the following vocabulary on this screen: get, put, on, clothes, he, she, want.

  Put on

 Get it


  Not that 

It is dirty

                                   He/She want

                                                                                                         No More

                                                            For some reason shoes aren’t provided so this is an opportunity to  also ask  some questions.

                                    What does he want? 

                                     Where is it?  

                                 Why not?


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Get Dirty!

When you head to the park you will have lots of ways to get dirty. Children will love to get the character as dirty as possible. Throw some eggs, splash some paint , sling some mud and have fun!

 Get dirty

Put on

On head, On eyes, On feet, On me, On him

He is dirty

Go home

                                                   He wants to wash



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Get Clean!

When you head back to the house, go and take a bath because you are dirty! It’s fun to wash the character and you can have the children make a choice of  bath toys, soaps, and water color.


Get in, Get out

Put in,Put on

Wash him/her

  Need more

                                             Feel mad

                                             Not dirty

                                              Make clean


There are plenty of other opportunities when washing the clothes, ironing the clothes, and hanging them up to dry. Mom comes along and makes sure you are doing it correctly and if you don’t do it the right way she gets mad. You can target  Get mad, feel mad, feel happy, She feels mad/happy, etc…

Hope you found this post useful. Please comment if you have suggestions or to share some ideas on how you are using Dirty Kids to support core vocabulary instruction. Thanks!




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