Quick Tip: The iPad has a PAUSE button??

Does the iPad have a pause button? Wellllllll not exactly. If you are using iOS 7 you will notice that at the top of the screen there is a little drag down option enabling you to view the notification center. This feature allows you to quickly view your calendar, missed emails, tweets, and Facebook messages. But what it does in the process is “pause” the app you are working with. For some reason this does not work for every app but I think this applies to older apps.

In the example video below is the app POGG with the notification center being used as the “PAUSE” button (It’s slightly lagged because I am using mirroring software). With this particular app I wanted to “pause” the moment right before the character starts the action and have my clients either say “go” or the verb being targeted. Using the notification center in this way can be pretty powerful as I am sure you ¬†can think of some apps out there that you wished had a pause button for moments like these.




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