Appdapted for Core: Toca Hair Salon Me


Toca Hair Salon Me  ($2.99) is another  superb app by Toca Boca. They again create an app without language and it’s up to you to fill in the language and have fun! This app allows you to import the face of the child or adult and then style their hair! The app is designed to make the imported picture lifelike by moving the eyes and mouth. You are able to cut,color, shave, wash, perm, and add accessories to your “Salon Me” which creates a nice opportunity to target core vocabulary such as: me,my, mine, you, your, it, like, make, get, that, feel, more, make longer, make shorter, etc…

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Targeted Interactions may include the following if you want to pretend to be the hair dresser and the child be the customer:

Therapist: What would you like to do?

what would

Child: Do this please. (Cut out some pictures of T.V. characters, celebrities, etc… and have them point to the hairstyle they want to create.

do this

Cut my hair.

cut my hair

Don’t  cut this but cut this.


I like it.

i like

Cut it to here please.

cut it here

Make it this color.

make it this color


yes no

 Good/ Bad


Quick note on the pronoun ‘it’. You may have the opportunity to teach  subjective ‘it’ versus ‘objective’ depending on which level of Unity you are using. In  the above examples I have kept ‘it’ the same throughout but just keep in mind that when teaching  this may change depending on the child’s device.  Here is example of LAMP: Words for Life with vocabulary builder turned on. Only the specific vocabulary for this haircut activity is showing.

photo 5


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