Appdapted for Core: Where has my dog gone?


Where Has My Dog Gone is a fun free eight page story book app available for iPad. It’s based on the classic song “Where Has My Dog Gone?”. On each page of this book you can hear the familiar song sung while you interact with the dog and target 2-4 core vocabulary words. The words include a good selection of prepositions and verbs:

Out In Go Stop Up Down Above Below Run Behind Front On Off  Under Over Good Night

If you are keeping score at home that’s 8 words off Banajee’s First 30 words list, which is not bad for a free app! Not familiar with this list?  Here it is and check it out the full list  here: Excerpts from “Language Function and Early Generative Langauge”.

first 30



The animations are simple but the repetition of the song and the use of the words to control what the dog  does on the screen is very motivating. Download the app today and add this to to your Appdapted for Core toolbox!





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3 thoughts on “Appdapted for Core: Where has my dog gone?

  1. Hi!
    I love core almost as much as you, and I am often frustrated by my clients’ devices with Novachat/Touchchat. I feel like it is harder to find those core words that give you more bang for the buck. I thought this handout was super helpful and finding those core words in these programs (CHATpower 42). It is a little harder than LAMP or Unity, but the words are still there. It may take 3 hits to get to the word STOP, but sometimes we have to work with what we have :)

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