Appdapted for Core: Pocket Playground

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Pocket Playground ($.99 for iPad)This app is designed to target a child’s exploratory play to support social interactions. The child gets to design and name four characters to use within the game. You are able to choose  a boy or girl, height, shirts, hair and skin color. It is then time to take these characters, which look likeRead More

Appdapted for Core: Dr. Panda’s Supermarket

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Appdapted for Core: Dr. Panda’s Supermarket ($1.99) is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows. It provides 10 mini games around the supermarket, which includes things like ringing up the customer to throwing out the trash. It provides plenty of opportunity to work on core vocabulary from the one word level and beyond. This isn’t the greatestRead More

Appdapted for Core: Stop and GO! HD

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Stop and Go! ($0.99 iOS and Android) by Shortstack is a fun cause and effect-like app about different types of vehicles driving down the street and stopping at a stoplight. There is a school bus, car, truck, ice cream truck, tow truck, tractor, taxi, bulldozer, cement truck, police car,  garbage truck, and a motorcycle.  Just fromRead More

Appdapted for Core: Dirty Kids

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Welcome to Appdated for Core, which will be a monthly series linked through the Minspeak®  newsletter. This series will discuss how to use apps to support core vocabulary instruction. It’s also important to note that even though this series will be written with Minspeak® in mind that this vocabulary is universal and can and should be incorporated withRead More

Put Me in Coach! An App Review of: Conversation Coach

Conversation Coach Conversation Coach by Silver Lining Multimedia, Inc  teaches the user to understand the natural back and forth flow of conversations. Most communication devices typically only allow for one-way conversations, Conversation Coach fixes that.  Conversation Coach comes in a full version for $79.99 and a limited use lite version for $1.99. Conversation Coach isRead More

Move Your Body! There are Crows Coming

Crows Coming by VisionHacker Do you have clients or students that simply can’t access the iPad due to limited  limb mobility but have good head control? Crows Coming created by Vision Hackers is using some cool camera technology that offers a fun experience without having to use the touch interface. VisionHacker is a team of computerRead More