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Appdapted for Core: Buddy Bash

angry words

Buddy Bash is a fun app that can support traditional speech and language therapy as well as device users.   With Buddy Bash you can make awesome  games  based on 8 popular new and classic games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja,  Whack-A-Mole, Arknoid,  Space Invaders, and more. All you have to do is allow access… Read More

Quick Tip: The iPad has a PAUSE button??

Does the iPad have a pause button? Wellllllll not exactly. If you are using iOS 7 you will notice that at the top of the screen there is a little drag down option enabling you to view the notification center. This feature allows you to quickly view your calendar, missed emails, tweets, and Facebook messages.… Read More

Appdapted for Core: Dirty Kids


Welcome to Appdated for Core, which will be a monthly series linked through the Minspeak®  newsletter. This series will discuss how to use apps to support core vocabulary instruction. It’s also important to note that even though this series will be written with Minspeak® in mind that this vocabulary is universal and can and should be incorporated with… Read More

Join me for The Speech-EZ Webinar Series

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce my participation in The Speech-EZ® Webinar series. I want to thank everyone for following my blog as I am passionate about using technology to enhance the speech and language skills of my clients. I invite you to join me so I can teach you how to implement this technology… Read More

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