Put Me in Coach! An App Review of: Conversation Coach

Conversation Coach Conversation Coach by Silver Lining Multimedia, Inc  teaches the user to understand the natural back and forth flow of conversations. Most communication devices typically only allow for one-way conversations, Conversation Coach fixes that.  Conversation Coach comes in a full version for $79.99 and a limited use lite version for $1.99. Conversation Coach isRead More

Top 10 Reasons for using iPad in therapy

A few years ago if someone asked what type of speech-therapy tools I used with my patients, I would often tell them: dolls, blocks, bubbles, balls, flashcards and such. But now I typically tell them it’s the iPad. The topic of ‘iPad’ is currently huge among speech-language pathologists. Try reading through blogs or forums withoutRead More

Become DJ SLP

Falling Stars by Trident Vitality Here is an app that my mom, a COTA, recommended that I check out. I checked  it out and I have been playing around with it most of the weekend. It’s quite addictive and creates very catchy beats and of course the best part is that it is free.  ItRead More

Story Lines

Story Lines Story Lines is the old fashion game of ‘telephone’ that has been appified with a pictionary twist to it.  Someone selects the word or phrase and then passes the iPad to the next player who in turn has to draw the phrase, they then pass it on to the next player who hasRead More